Friday, October 15

Blog Action Day 2010- Water

Blog Action Day is an event held every year, on October 15th, bringing together bloggers across the world, and posting on the same issue of that year's theme. This year's hot topic is water.  

The event opens for global discussion and is an excellent example for collective action to raise awareness for a cause that affects each and every one of us.
According to UN, millions die each year from water- related diseases. Its considered as one of the main cause of death today in the world.. While we are fortunate to have access to clean and safe water, there is approximately one billion people just like us who do not have this luxury. 2.5 billion do not have improved sanitation. 

Access to water affects our health and our environment immensely.  

Azerbaijan, rich in energy resources, is lagging far behind in providing its citizens with clean water. In the capital with quickly expanding number of residents, water shortages are common given supplies are not sufficient to keep up with growing numbers. Accoring to Natik Jafarly, an economist and former employee of state- owned water supply company Azersu 87% of Baku households are subject to water rationing. Some households get water for about 7 hours a day- three in the morning and four in the evening). Another portion of the households gets water only in the evenings. It is also possible that at times households and neighborhoods at large go without water for a day or two.
And in regions, water scarcity is even more widespread. Based on UN Common Country Assessment mere 19% of households in regions have indoor plumbing. Majority of households get their daily/ weekly water supplies from nearby wells or streams (a job mainly attributed to women of the household).  There are no sewage systems either so that makes overall sanitation a problem that needs to be addressed urgently. 

Several water projects that are either in the pipeline or already under construction suggest some positive steps towards achieving equal access to water in all households. However, existing rampant corruption and elitist approach may stall the process for an indefinite time.   

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