Wednesday, September 8

7 days in sunny August

No, this post wont be about Jamiroquai's song "7 days in sunny June". Lets just say, I have borrowed that title and slightly modified it for personal reasons :) 

7 days in sunny August is about a trip that I recently took with my friends in Bodrum.
The plan was ticking. We finally found a boat thanks to our great organizers and the dates were set. We were to leave Istanbul on August 21st and return a week later.

It was all hard to believe in until I actually saw the boat with my own eyes on sunny Saturday when we (9 people all together) flew into Bodrum. She was a beauty. 21 meters, 5 rooms, an amazing captain, even more amazing chef and their two lovely assistants (or skippers).

And so our journey began. Imagine, 7 days of nothing more but stunningly beautiful turquoise sea, sun, a company of an awesome group of friends every day. 

There are four different routes you can take. We went for Gokova sea inlet. Each day includes a stop at a new place. Depending on the plan you either leave early in the morning (and I mean early, around 6am) to get to the new place. Alternatively, you spend the day or half a day at one of the bays and leave it for the next one. 

In Turkish, this whole trip is called "Mavi Yolculuk", which means "Blue voyage" and there are many different companies offering such trips. Some options include Greek Islands as well, but it all depends on you and the company you are traveling with. 

It lasts one week, starting on Saturday and ending on Saturday. Thats the ideal time stretch, alternatively you can limit it to 4 or 5 days but 7 is perfect I would say. 

One of the highlights of our trip was the stop at the Sedir Island (beach). Its a protected area and you do have to pay to get in. But it is definitely worth it. Its the sand that makes the beach so unique. Shaped like small round particles its a sight of unquestionable beauty. It is for that reason, the beach is also known as Cleopatra beach. 

Our group :) 
I was slightly skeptical about Blue Voyage before taking it myself and now I am already looking forward to our next summer on a boat exploring a new route. Its a must thing to do if you are visiting Turkey. Forget about tourist destinations where you end up spending ridiculous amount of money and end up seeing the same beach every day. Try this, it is definitely worth every penny you spent and that week of holidays you so look forward to all throughout the year...

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