Monday, April 12

Emin and Adnan- transferred to prison facilities

According to Isaxan Ashurov (lawyer following Emin and Adnan case), both Emin and Adnan are now being moved to prison facilities. In his statement to Azadliq radio (in Azeri) Ashurov said that Adnan is moved to prison number 14 in Guzdek and Emin to prison number 12 in Salyan.

When the lawyer was asked as to why they are transferred to different prison facilities, he was unable to respond as he didn't know himself.


Anonymous said...

That's outrageous. Has this been confirmed yet? Hopefully international bodies will react quickly.

Arzu Geybulla said...

what do you mean if this is confirmed? you mean whether they were transferred? yes, its confirmed and in fact, it already happened unfortunately.