Monday, March 22

"A touch of spice"

I never thought that I am going to see something as cool as this restaurant that opened recently in Baku. The restaurant is called Chinar and offers three separate sections- dining, lounge bar (upstairs) and tea corner (or I would like to call it that way).

Before, the place served as a tea house, quite popular during the Soviet and post- independence times.

Spacious and uber chique Chinar, is a place where you can enjoy some exquisite asian food (ranging from noodles to rice dishes, to fish, meat/pork/chicken dishes, to sushi that you would find on the drinks menu and salads prepared from papaya and mango fruits) sip on your mojito in the lounge, and later perhaps enjoy wide selection of tea thats served in small tea pots and asian style tea cups.

The DJ is great, music selection is just what the place needs.

Overall, I loved the style of the place. Because of the large space, you don't feel like you are in the same place- which in fact lets you spend more time and not get tired of the same ambiance. However, the service is a bit slow and you could get an apple juice instead of grapefruit. But this is a problem that a lot of restaurants in Baku have unfortunately as the service sector in Azerbaijan is virtually non- existent.

But all in all, I would give 10 out of 10 to this place given that its a first in style, food quality, and creativity in Baku.

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