Tuesday, March 2

Elmar Huseynov- 5 years since his death

Today, we commemorate murder of a well- known journalist, editor- in- chief of 'Monitor' magazine Elmar Huseynov. He was brutally murdered five years ago today, on the steps of the apartment where he lived. The murderer shot him 7 times. To this day his murderer is in hiding and the case remains unresolved.

Eynulla was known for his critical pieces addressed towards the government.

Funny how things work here... When its against the interest of the government, things like that remain unresolved, in the shadow but when it is, everything can be fixed and resolved.

For now, all I can say is rest in peace Elmar.

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Anonymous said...

I remember him and his "Monitor".
How it wreaked havoc on pious, sleepy minds of bakuvian people. How it was scandalous and sensational.
Allah rehmet elesin!