Wednesday, February 10

Updates on Eynulla Fatullayev's case

Couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Eynulla Fatullayev's case- a journalist sentenced to 8.5 years- who was now facing additional charges because drugs were found in his cell. His blood samples were sent for check up and days later it was revealed that there were traces of heroine in his blood. Though it was also added that he is not a drug addict and that he does not need special treatment.

Eynulla rejected the results saying that he has been framed and that he has never used drugs and that drugs found in his cell weren't his.

The results were contested by Eynulla's lawyer as well, Isaxan Ashurov, who requested new tests, at an independent institution. The court declined lawyer's and defendant's appeal to do so on February 9th. According to Ashurov, the court stated that "there is no such practice".

Not surprising the appeal been rejected, it would have been truly a remarkable change if it was otherwise.

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