Thursday, January 7

A bad start to a new year

The new year just begun but already a number of major events made the beginning of the year rather gloomy for Azerbaijan.

Eynulla Fatullayev, a journalist serving a sentence of 8.5 years is facing additional charges as drugs (0.223 grams) were found in his cell. According to a statement by the Penitentiary Services, during a cell search Eynulla Fatullayev and Shahin Shamsiyev were found in possession of drugs.

The statement calls on human rights defenders and other NGOs to stop protecting the journalist and accept the reality, stop misleading public opinion and serve to the needs of "certain" actors.

If found guilty, an additional charge of 3.5 years awaits Fatullayev.

Few days ago, in Naxchivan's Bananyar village police arrested a number of residents following Ashura mourning on December 27th, some been beaten by local policemen. According to news received from local residents, a special force unit was sent inon January 5th and has not left. Locals been prevented from leaving their homes. Roads leading to the village been blocked reportedly.

More info on the incident can be found here (in English):

Baku Electricity Network (BakiElektrikSebeke) company- will start cutting electricity in those households that haven't paid the bills. Minimum salary in Azerbaijan and minimum pension is 75manat, which is approximately 75EUR. An average salary is 289.6 manats according to state statistics.

We might have left a tough year behind, but it looks like 2010 is already becoming a rather rough one.


uguraydin said...

Çok güzel bir yazı, umarım 2010 Azerbaycan için rahatsız edici bir çok hususun ortadan kalakacağı bir yıl olur. Kartların açık oynandığı, siyasetin kuralına göre yapıldığı, rekabetin ve renklerin bolca olduğu bir Azerbaycan hayali kuruyoruz.

Palazzo said...

you must already be sick of cold there. By the way, your accountant does not show the flag of Brazil and I have accessed many times your blog.

Arzu Geybulla said...

Hi Palazzo,

the cold is ok, i went to uni in Ankara- where it was freezing, so i;m used to cold weather.

as to my counter- i have no clue why its not showing, perhaps it wasn't able to identify the IP address?

thanks for pointing that out though, will try to figure it out

Palazzo said...

Thanks for the reply.
Now, the mini flag appeared.
Your blog is really cool really enjoyed it.
I am available here in Brazil for anything.

Anonymous said...

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