Thursday, December 10

A night of jazz in the city of winds

She is standing on the stage, dressed in an eloquent dress. She is holding the microphone, head slightly leaned to the side. Her eyes are closed and yet it feels like she is watching the whole world. Its another Friday night at the Jazz Center in Baku.

She slightly opens her eyes, lifting up her gaze and finishes the song. The crowd is applauding and whistling. As always, she has done it again- giving everyone an unforgettable evening of real quality jazz.

Her name is Ulviyya, though friends call her Ula. Young and very talented, Ula performs at the Jazz Center every Friday. I have seen her sing many times before and yet every time I am there to listen to Ula, its new and fresh as if I am there for the very first time.

So for all those who follow this blog and live in Baku and if you haven't been at the Jazz Center I strongly suggest you do. The ambiance is great. The venue was refurbished over the summer. Prices are mediocre. The bill includes the price for the concert. Food is ok, nothing special or complicated. But at the end of the day none of this really matters (though the venue does), when you hear Ula sing, you forget everything and simply enjoy the music, rhythm, and the colors that Ula so successfully sets once she is on stage.

***Jazz Center is located behind the State Music Academy

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Fatima Ibrahimova said...

Super!! Great article.
and Ulya definitely is a STAR!!
so you are!!