Monday, October 26


Tomorrow (27th October), Adnan and Emin are going to have another hearing. Its been almost two weeks since the last one and there is still hope that they will be released. At least I want to hope so! I want to see my friends free again. I want their parents to see their sons and be proud of them. I want all of us- his friends, be honored that we have friends as them. 

Emin and Adnan are facing a sentence but they are brave and are standing strong. I want all of us be like them. Strong and brave! And no matter what happens (as we all fear the worse) its going to be fine! Because things always get better and there is always some hope, and though very little it might be, it is there and we cannot lose it. 

***Emin Milli (30) and Adnan Hajizada (26) were arrested on July 8th in what has been staged incident and charged with hooliganism and are now facing up to 5 years of sentence. 

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Sabi said...

There is a beautiful saying : ''Once you choose hope, anything's possible.''

I'm hoping for a happy ending, if not the case then I guess we will have to edit the story to make sure it gets a happy ending :) Everyone who will be there tomorrow to support these guys have got my deepest respect. I will be following the events on youtube. May God be with you all.