Tuesday, August 25

Accusations continue

The case of Emin Milli and Adnan Hajizada who were arrested on 8th of July and sentenced to pre- trial detention for two months turns a new leaf. 40 days into investigation, the case investigator Ziya Aliyev adds a new charge- article 127 of the Criminal Code (intentionally causing less severe damage to the health). The lawyer, Isaxan Asurov says this sentence was added due to body injuries on the so called victims' bodies. No one has seen either victims or their fake injuries. 

So far, neither investigator nor the Ministry of Internal Affairs made a statement clarifying reasons behind a new sentence. However, its not a surprise because apparently, the press service for the Prosecutor General's offices stated that it needs to "report to the leadership". Well, we all know what that means!!!

Thus, the bloggers' sentence was doubled... There is no sign of their release. I wouldn't be surprised to read another new clause added soon. 


Bart said...

Its so infuriating...

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