Wednesday, April 29

The effectiveness of Azerbaijani police forces

While in some democratic countries police crackdowns on terrorists or suspicious individuals, in Azerbaijan police detains youth activists for wanting to stage a theatrical scene on their fellow friend who was recently expelled from a university for simply writing the truth. 

The following excerpt is from Turan news agency:

"Baku, 28 April: At 1500 [1000 gmt], police stopped a protest by the Dalga youth movement which they were planning to hold in Martyrs' Avenue on Tuesday [28 April]. Thus, the young people were intending to stage a theatralized scene about the expulsion of student Parviz Azimov from Lankaran State University. However, the leader of the movement, Vafa Cafarova, reported that police had detained nine participants in the protest and took them to police station No 9 of Sabail district [in Baku]. Cafarova said that police were insulting them and shouting at the police station.

In turn, police station No 9 told Turan that explanatory notes would be taken from the detainees and then they would be released.

We should recall that student Parviz Azimov had fallen victim to arbitrariness. He was expelled from the university for writing a critical article about bribery among university teachers.

Source: Turan news agency, Baku, in Russian 1137! gmt 28 Apr 09" 

But what is interesting is when it comes to cracking down on any sort of movement or protest in Azerbaijan that has to do with something related to the government policies, police is always there and ready to intervene. But when it comes to helping a woman who was beaten up by her husband they sent her home telling her that it was her fault that she was beaten. 

Either way, the reality is that Parviz is still out of university, 9 youth activists from the same movement have been detained (but are supposed to be released), the university rector still has his job and is getting away with expelling Parviz on false grounds and police is corrupt as ever.

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Adnan Hajizada said...


Upon writing this post, you probably did not realize how accurate your predictions of our law enforcemetn forces will fit into the yesterday's massacare.